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  1. getting a stealth fighter shoved up his ass. I give it til november
    expiration of fed fund futures.........nov.30..... :p
  2. What is Osama going to shove up our asses by then?
  3. To quote Agent Harris in The Sopranos, Osama "is probably compost already." Al Jazeera has done every type of electronic forgery possible to make it look like his ass is still alive.
  4. Maybe they want us to think that they are trying to make him appear alive, thereby reaffirming our own suspicions that he is actually dead.

    Otherwise, wouldn't they want us to think he is dead, so that we stop looking for him? Or, if he was dead, perhaps they'd want us to think he was alive so that we would waste resources trying to find a dead man.

    Well, there are smarter people at the CIA working on this very problem thank god.
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    Some experts may disagree with you :D

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  7. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    Is there a single thread on Elite that hasn't got Mr. Aphex's name attached to it?

    All this from a 25 year old yet. Imagine if he had something worth reading. My oh my.
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    you would think being 25 he would at least look at porn???
    :D :D well, i doubt he gets laid anyways.
    maybe he's gay- anyone see his profile on that ratemyface.com site- fuggin hilarious!!!
  9. No need to defend myself here.
  10. Is there a single thread you've posted to where you've said something along the lines of . . . useful trading advice?
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