Over/Under number for failed banks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Robert Weinstein, Sep 27, 2008.

How many banks go under this week?

  1. Don't be silly, Everythings fine 0

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  2. Probably about the same as normal 1 or 2

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  3. 1Reason might have this one right 3

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  4. Check the mattress for room to put our cash 4+

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  1. With banks falling or about to fall daily its about time we start the ET Weekly Over/Under line for failed banks

    For the week starting 9/29/08 I say the FDIC shuts down 3 banks across the US

    Whats your number?
  2. according to Bloomberg TV we already have had four down today.

    I thought we would have 3 or 4 this week and I guess its going to be a lot more pain this weekend than expected