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  1. I use Ameritrade Streamer, Level II and Charts at work during trading hours (at a large regional bank). Over the weekend, the Corporate IT department, installed a new firewall program at the server level, that causes at least a 3 minute delay in updating data/charts.

    Corporate IT will not open any "ports" to resolve this issue.

    Is anyone aware of the following:

    1. Is there a real time chart / quote package where the program is downloaded to computer and the real time data feed would not be one that would typically be blocked? (e.g. not Java based or Active X).

    2. Is there any way to bypass settings at the server level from my desktop?

    3. Any other solutions to similar problem? (e.g. Bring in laptop and connect via cell phone)?

    I'm really considering option 3, if necessary, and would love the hear if anyone actually does this (e.g. from your yacht).

    Thank you very much.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    There are some options out there for you and I know we have some eSignal customers taking advantage of these technologies.

    You could get an unlimited data plan from a wireless carrier like Sprint and use that to feed data into your laptop via a pcmcia card. Speeds are improving as are the ranges. You'd need to be able to get a clear signal where you're at in that office. Here's a site that may be of interest.

    Perhaps more of a longshot but you could see if you could get a direct DSL or cable-modem connection brought into your office. It could be kept seperate from your main network so there would be far fewer security concerns. Once you had that in place, you could either direct connect to it or create a Wi-Fi set-up. If you went Wi-Fi, you could then use a wireless card in your laptop or desktop and actually "share" the connection with other wireless users in your office. Or...encrypt the Wi-Fi signal and keep it all to yourself :)

    A few ideas to ponder...

    Take care.
  3. I use http://www.http-tunnel.com HTTP Tunnel in order to use IB's TWS through a corporate firewall. Not 100% perfect but I really like it and you can't beat it for $5 a month.
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    i use verizon wireless with pci card on gateway laptop. been using it since sept. good results. $92 a month unlimited access.
    about a second behind quotes running next to my isdn line.