Over night, who moves futures exactly as EU market moves, what's the point

Discussion in 'Trading' started by naked1, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I thought about it,
    there is NO edge in trading US futures over night and trying to mimic EU market moves minute by minute
    who does this which programs and why??
    there is no edge here
    if there were I would use it myself
  2. (shouting to the masses)OK everybody, naked1 has ascertained that there is no edge in trading US futures overnight. If there were any such edge HE would be using it.

    Thanks for the tip o'naked one.
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    Infolode, you can do better can't you

    Futures over night are dead dry, very illiquid, even if you were a position trader you would wait till open since if you were worth your salt you wouldn't be a piker with 5 k account

    IF something happens in EU and market goes down, lets say I sell overnight futures and all my friends do it and it goes down
    How the F is this an edge, because US market can open and shoot straight up
    Why work overnight when you can just work in morning and do the same shit like cut loses quick etc
    How come only I see a problem with this
    are overnight futures composed of pikers only :)
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    Steve46 made a post here and he erased it

    in it he wrote that basically he can trade futures overnight due to some special correlation to TIME, EVENTS overseas etc

    well it all good but I wonder how quickly he can really act because its not liquid out there in wee hours

    and Steve even if you are making small trades, you can't be making much money from

    and you must adjust anyway when US market opens

    not worth the trouble in my opinion

    I look at overnight futures and smile cause those people are nutz
  5. It seems to me that the most likely scenario is that someone out there did some research and identified that there are arbitrage opportunities between the European and US markets, and they are executing trades according to their models every night. Maybe they have an edge, maybe they don't, but they're doing it.

    The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

    Personally, I'm not going to do anything. I don't trade either market, and I don't attempt to play the arbitrage game.
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    I won't do nothing either, my methods work fine,

    I am just sayin is all

    crazy mothras trading overnight, chasing those DAX and CAC and FTSE moves

    I just smile and laugh too