Over a million have lost unemployment benefits, 3,000,000+ by end of July!!!!!!!

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    Anyone who is watching these markets better pay even closer attention to those who are losing unemployment benefits. It may not bother you because you may have a job or two, but from the amount of unemployed about to lose benefits by the end of July 2010 is a staggering 3,000,000 people. Keep in mind that for everyone dollar of unemployment $1.65+ goes back into the economy, with millions losing benefits and no unemployment extension on the way it may look as though the economy is going to feel it. Millions of people not receiving unemployment benefits will certainly impact the economy. Keep notice of these numbers as the months go on!!!!

    By the way I give it a good 95% chance + that they pass unemployment benefits once again in mid July. They know handing out billions of unemployment benefits makes for a great return on their investment moving forward.
  2. Well hey...lets give everyone unemployment then. I say give everyone that has a pulse a $1,000 unemployment check every week. That will pump $1,650 per person into our economy which equates to $25.5 trillion dollars GDP. Our money problems are solved! [/sarcasm off]
  3. The current population of the USA is 309,685,753 so 3 million people is far from staggering, it is less than 1% of the population.

    That $1.65 multiplier number is unsubstantiated nonsense. "handing out billions of unemployment benefits" is a waste of money that produces nothing and in no way is an investment, let alone an investment with any sort of a return.

    If you want to give people welfare then give them welfare and leave out all the political labels and economic nonsense.
  4. Does that $1.65 matter if it is borrowed for or paid for. If borrowed has the interest paid been figured into the the final number ?

    I have read that the return of a private dollar being spent is $1.85.
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    Your acceptance of government statistics is almost as staggering as your grasp of population demographics.
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    Here, let me fix that for you:

    They know handing out billions of unemployment benefits makes for a great return in the polls in November

    I agree with the other poster, if they get such a great return on each dollar spent they should give twice as much money to each unemployed person - just think how much that would help. Maybe triple the amount - remember, its free money, its not like anyone is losing money so that they can continue to hand out those benefits ad infinitum.
  7. Still cheaper than the amount we spend rebuilding Iraq schools,infrastructure and security. We have problems of our own to solve.

    That bothers me to no end, more than the unemployment benefits.
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    Does each exclamation point at the end of the thread title increase the importance of your point????????
  9. 3 million people might be households of families where there are 2 kids and a wife how about that?
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    Give it a rest.
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