Over 150 Sheriffs (and growing) Refuse to Enforce New Federal Gun Control....

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  1. They tried one time before at Waco, Texas. It won't happen again.
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  2. If anyone resists like they did in Waco they will meet the same fate as the Branch Davidians

    There were a lot of tough talking guys in New Orleans who said they wouldn't give up their guns and some had mini armed compounds ,every one of them gave up their guns without a fight(although there are some conspiracies that the national guard and some blackwater mercenaries killed some people who resisted and it was covered up)
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  4. I really don't think anyone cares. There are simply too many gun owners and believers in the 2nd amendment. And I think, you are a troll, like RCG, and probably a sissy, saying the things you do.
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    Oh he's a troll alright, the official ET P&R troll.

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  6. And I think you are one of the tough talking guys who say they will not let the government disarm them but if police ,The ATF,The National Guard and armed mercenaries come to your door you will not only give up your guns but will also offer to gift wrap them
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  8. The only one talking tough on this forum is YOU, from what I see.
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  9. I'm not talking tough at all.I'm not the one saying I will fight it out with the government if they ban weapons,I'm not the one saying I will fight against the government in a revolution,you and your pussy ass friends are saying or implying that
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  10. They can come and disarm me all they want but that won't keep me from striking when nobody's looking.

    Govt and law enforcement know they cannot win a war against the citizenry.

    Once laws are widely held to be power grabs vs having a moral reason they know they are doomed.

    So they will talk big and ever so carefully tiptoe around making damn sure they don't upset all but the fewest to a time.
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