Over 1 million in capital to trade with???

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  1. I have been trading on and off for about 10 years.. I got back into trading pretty heavy about 18 months ago. I have done quite well.. Made a ton of money on Precious Metals, (mostly silver), day trading and so on.. I have taken a break but will get VERY long Gold and Silver futures soon.. I have a nice portfolio of physical metals..

    I have some strong beliefs on the future.. We are going to see some massive inflation.. Silver and Gold are easy money.. I take the money I make in the market and continue to buy physical metal..

    Currently I have over 1 million of cash to trade with, I have been trading with the Schwabs, TD, and so on.. And of course I do trade futures but I mainly like to trade stocks and options...

    I started trading with not much more then 100k,, Yes I have done well, but I know there is a lot more I can be doing..

    I also manage some accounts for friends and family..

    I am sick of trading with brokers that are trading against me at times, holding my orders, taking forever to cancel a order and so on..

    I would like to use the cash I have and really put it to work, the more capital I can trade with the better I will do.. Everything I do right now is retail... Looking for at least 5 if not 10 times over night buying power.. Inter day 10 times is fine with me...

    I don't and wont be forced to churn my account so I run up commissions.. I trade when I want to trade, I avg around25-40 trades a day.. Sometimes I day trade but I do tend to swing trade quite often..

    I want to be able to trade where I don't have to worry about my money being held there..

    If I can get some help and good ideas on how I can start 2011 off in a really good way I would appreciate it..

    I dont have to trade with a prop firm.. I can stay retail, but I am no longer going to trade with the big brokers.. I have been looking at some small day trading firms.. But yes I would not mind really stepping things up!!!!!!!!

    I would like to know the best retail firms to trade with.. Firms that will not play games with me the like the major brokers do and I would like to know what options I have as far as prop trading etc..

    I would love to trade on the RediPlus by Goldman, but other platforms are ok too..

    As things go along I plan on starting a hedge fund.. Most likely in 2011..I want to personally get my net worth up a little more and then I will explore those options,, I have just hired my first employee to start next year and will soon after that be looking to hire a trading assistant

    Will be happy and open to further discussions on this..


    PS I am going to post this on the Career trader and Prop Firms boards.. I want to get as much info as possible back to me..
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    Have you think of Scottrade?

    Question: when you have so many trades and then so much commissions expenses, do you have a special place to
    deduct your commissions from revenue on schedule C? or
    is it all included in the gains and loss from your software?

    Happy Holidays Trading!

  3. Brandon,

    you are going to get much more information using the search engine tool and reading through threads then making a long post with random rants and raves.

    so my words of wisdom; search, read, search again, and more reading. Call some prop firms, then make a short straight to the point post if you still have questions
  4. Trading effin SIZE man
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  6. it's a b.s. post..don't waste your time with him

    he is typical wall street moron...b.s. postings and b.s. volume..

    he has no money and is posting b.s.

    in business beware of fakes and con men..they lie cheat and even kill for money or the thrill.

  7. So let me get this straight. This guy has millions of dollars, access to different brokerages and lots of resources, but comes on here to solicit advice from strangers...some of the strangers here are obvious hacks and trolls. Either this guy is another hack, a troll or just an idiot.

    Honestly, why not have conversations with the guys at the prop firms and brokerages directly then solicit advice from a bunch of unknown handles and aliases whose only credibility is what they have developed on ET.

    This post is a joke...
  8. I agree with the others that this post is probably bs, but if you want to use redi have 10:1 overnight and not have to worry about the "games" the big brokerages play then go to bright. Never traded with them, but they seem to be what you are looking for....take it away Don.
  9. not a joke,,a scam or con game like the market..

    the guy is con man..like the market is con game.

    flakes. fake people.