OV Trade Journal: 2.7k to 10k

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Onevoice, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Yea, doesn't seem like my journal is going to be as exciting as neke or nodojo or some other guys on ET but I just think this is probably the only way I will be able to stay motivated enough to make money. Unlike most people (or may be like most people I don't know) I lose all perception of value once the dollar is digitalized. For me a $1 in my pocket is worth more than a $100 in my trading account. Not sure if its just basic human behavior or there is something inherent wrong with my genetic make-up.

    As predicted, most of you have probably stopped reading by now and plan on never clicking on my journal thread again, but as I said earlier this thread is for me to stay motivated more than my fellow ETers to enjoy and learn from me (more like my mistakes)

    My basic investing strategy (if one exists)
    Investments: Stocks and options (long/short, call/put, nothing fancy)
    Investment horizon: intraday to 1year
    Investment decision: will be based on market/company news, intraday volatility, other journals, and a tinge of rumors

    Initial investment: $2,700 (currently all of it is invest in long DBA and FAZ)
    Have a 50% margin on Options and 100% margin on equities

    I will actively start making investment decision on Monday Jan 25, 2010

    My goal: Get to 10k as fast as possible
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    I wanted to attached a picture of my current balance but the attach file function doesn't work

    oh well I will just put my daily beginning, ending, net change going forward
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    Couldn't click buy on Mar 20 calls for STBA fast enough before market closed

    S&T Bancorp reports earnings Mon morning and since they announced a quarterly cash dividend of .15/share one can kind of hope for a positive earnings surprise

    I expect EE to be .32, well above analyst expectations of .24

    Also since most banks are reporting positive earnings, I expect regional banks to follow suit. If this theory plays out I expect to load up on this sector for the earnings season as a short term.

    Stayed seated ETers, cya Monday!
  4. Onevoice


    decided to go the neke route. Will post weekly gains/losses instead of daily

    today's trade: Feb 200 puts on AAPL, making a quick buck before tomorrow's tablet announcements
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    Good trading day today. Hope to carry the momentum throughout the week.

    Will probably play AAPL again tomorrow.
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    Anyone actively bet on sports in here? If so what bookie and what are the fees like?

    Will make my usual basketball bets tonight
  7. u21c3f6


    Legality can be an issue here. I suggest you look at Matchbook. Not only are the "fees" low compared to the improved lines you can get, but there is also the opportunity of not having to pay any fees at all and actually get a rebate even if it is a very small one.