Outstanding Obama speech on the war against terrorism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Here's the link:


    Z10 claims that Obama is a "far-left liberal". Hmm...

    Well, either I need to have my hearing checked , or you need to have your head examined. Clearly we are not seeing the same man.

    After these last 45 years of ineptitude in the White House, I would say "This is what COMPETENCE looks like."
  2. i tried to listen to him. for some reason he loses me almost immediately.... is this why the dumbed down public likes him.. he can ramble for hours without any substance.

    how about you break it down for me saxon? does he talk about his handlers... the CFR? brzezinski? does he talk about voting to fund the iraq war? does he explain how bldg 7 came down and how the BBC reported it prematurely?

  3. Does ron paul talk about his handlers. You know, the ones that write his newsletters? Does he talk about how bldg 7 came down?

  4. his handlers? please name them for me? don't throw out a stupid assertion unless you can back it up pip-squeak.

    does he talk about bldg 7? i know he supports a new investigation. i am sure he is puzzled by the omission of wtc7's collapse in the fake 9/11 commission report.

    i have never seen him shy away from one question... EVER. would you like to see how obama dodges the whole issue when he is confronted?
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    No...and I don't think he mentioned UFO's either. :p
  6. nice smartass... and people wonder why i don't suffer fools on here?

    UFO's? ok.. i will humor you, why UFO's?

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    you've already humored me; but there is only so much humor I can take so early in the morning...lol
  9. Zbignew Brzezinki leading Obama campaign PT1
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  10. LOL, stick to listening to Ron Paul then, he's got the same one answer to absolutely any question so I am sure he won't lose you.
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