Outstanding Dialogue on 9/11 Truthers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Max E.

    Speaking of which, i just asked Mvector whether or not he was AMST4WA, and he denied it, then all of a sudden AMST4WA handle starts posting again after 5 months, and denying it...... Read the thread......


    This is the kind of fucking idiots we are dealing with here......

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    You really have to listen to this Scott Ledger guy. These people are insane. Over the course of an hour you hear this guy slowly implode trying to explain conspiracies.
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    Max E.

    I will listen to it in full right away here just exiting some positions, then im going to switch to my laptop and listen to the whole thing..... I trust your judgement... :D

  5. Well I asked MVector the same thing yesterday...I'll find the dialogue, you must have missed it.

  6. BTW, that is AMT4SWA for you.....get the spelling straight so you wont look so stupid. Anyone who thinks Tucker Carlson is a source of real intelligence is challenged imo! ....and no, I am not Mvector as I already stated today....you sure get psychologically tangled pretty fast don't you? :eek:

    Keep digging.....maybe you will actually do some real research for a change......LOL!!! :eek:
  7. Does he support Ron Paul for president?
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    I'm just asking people to listen to this audio. It's an hour long. Both people have enough time to talk. The 9/11 truther struggled for an hour to name one single fact. Instead it was all the kooky conspiracy theories crap. It's all there on the audio. Listen if you want. Shooting the messenger doesn't work here AMT.
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    Max E.

    LOL, thats funny, so Mvector is one of AMST4WA's "traders" I guess in between building a bomb shelter for the nuclear holocaust, and filtering all the drugs the government is trying to feed him out of his drinking water, AMST4WA is also creating a trading firm.....

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