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This is not your fathers recession

  1. I strongly agree with this article that there are no new jobs.

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  2. I disagree with this article. See my posts below.

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  3. I don't know

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  4. I don't care

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  1. nitro


  2. True Nitro.

    Also true though is that not all jobs have to be of this nature - the trouble is that the other ones don't have exciting average pay rates.
  3. S2007S


    As I said a thousand times before, the only way this economy will add millions of jobs is through the creation of asset bubbles, the millions of jobs added over the last 2 decades and lost over the last few years will not come back ever again. I would love to know where job creation is going to come from, stimulus will only create temporary employment, please tell me how it's possible to achieve unemployment rates under 5% and GDP growth at 3%+ without the help of worthless free trillions floating around in the system.
  4. Think how many R&D labs the BS "stimulus" would've created.

    Instead, you give the money to crooked bankers & wall st crooks, give cash for clunkers so idiots can buy Japanese & Korean cars, encourage people to consume & buy more Chinese stuff and then how the HELL are good-paying jobs supposed to be formed/retained in the US???

    1. Consume LESS.
    2. Better/cheaper access to education WITHOUT loans!
    3. Value added tax of 20% like in Europe.
    4. Get population serious about *producing* instead of wasting so much on bs wall st-related unproductive rip-offs.
    5. Don't repeat stupid mistakes of last 8 years. Housing does not improve a country's economy. It brings in no foreign exchange. In fact, instead of helping it led into huge spending on imported shit further depreciating $$$. You can go on & on but so far Obama is going nowhere. He's stalled & come Jan 1st it's another crisis!
  5. Nice find!
  6. Well a great start would be to stop outsourcing jobs to India and China. Knock off all H-1B Visa's get rid of wage arbitrage and start from there. Oh ya.. and shoot any MBA type who disagrees. Unfortunately that's what the school system is teaching these goofballs in their global business classes.. "just send it overseas; it's the American way."
  7. donnap


    Yes, good post. The easiest way to "create" millions of jobs is to give American jobs to Americans. We no longer need any imported labor. Duh.

    The Government is so controlled by foreign elements that it won't take the steps necessary to help the average American have a better chance of finding a job, but they will give billions to Global Corporations. Fubar.

    Americans, in return, should realize that our living standard will be lower, we are not entitled to the BS 'American Dream," and only hard work builds strong countries, not lazy cry babies.
  8. teun


    Good article, but strange that Intel is not mentioned once. I would say they are as big in R&D as IBM.
  9. Ash1972


    Every time there's a recession people ask where the new jobs are going to come from. We always think "'it's different this time". It's NEVER different. Markets always provide the answer in the end but you'll never be able to predict what it will be. That's how capitalism works.

    Stop outsourcing? Perhaps all those countries we outsource to should stop buying our service, consumer and defence exports? What a great idea - protectionism works every time, if your idea of 'working' is creating mass worldwide poverty.

    Anyone trying to restrict the freedom of markets in any way is an enemy of capitalism (despite what he might think) and definitely shouldn't be trading - his mentality is just plain wrong.

    In 1900 it was generally believed that everything that could be invented had already been invented and that nothing significant remained to be done. There was going to be a long, slow decline throughout the 20th century and beyond.

    Ha ha.

    America (and Europe) may just have to face the reality that the next creative technological boom may not be Western at all but come from the 'third' world. America will definitely have a role to play, but for the first time may find itself in #2 spot.

    Viva global capitalism.
  10. Exactly ! And I think that saying no more Hb1 visa is exactly plain wrong ! Don't the American remeber that America should be the country of the free. All the great mind of america came from somewhere else. Didn't the poster above read this in the article ?
    If Usa is the field of innovation it will need the best productive mind on it, and please from where they come...

    Ash1972 I clearly don't understand how someone can pretend to be a trader and exclude people from the opportunity that remain in the Usa... so sad... that's this kind of people who kill the dream. And I am sure are big supporter of gov.
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