Outspoken Liberal Actors Conservatives Boycott

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  1. pspr


    As suspected there is a growing list of liberal loudmouth actors that are getting their movies boycotted by a growing number of conservatives. The is a handfull of actors I will never pay to see any of their movies:

    Woodie Harrleson
    Robert Redford
    Chevy Chase
    George Clooney
    Alec Baldwin
    Sean Penn
    Ben Affleck
    Rosie O'donnell
    And several others that don't come to mind

    Conservatives are boycotting these and other liberal actors.

  2. lassic


    i wonder if they want higher taxes?

    higher taxes will hurt actors and sport figures more than Warren Buffet
  3. pspr


    They aren't smart enough to realize it is going to effect them. They think it will just effect the likes of corporate CEO's and hedge fund managers.
  4. rc8222


    Add Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman to the list. Both have come out recently and called the Tea Party a bunch of racists. Freeman called out the Tea Party as racists for their simply stating that Obama needs to go. That's it! How does that constitute racism??? It clearly doesn't, but to a bunch of pea brain libertards it means Jim Crow.
  5. pspr


    That's right. And I'll add

    Roseanne Barr
    Danny Glover
    Ed Asner
    Barbara Streisand

    You know, I really don't mind that any of these people are liberal. It's when they use their status to get on TV or go out and profess that opinion to others using the media. That pisses me off to no end!!!!
  6. JamesL


    Matt Damon
  7. So you're not going to see The Dark Knight rises or The Avengers next year ?
  8. Lucrum


    On a side note my wife says she saw where Freeman is marrying his step-granddaughter.
  9. pspr


    Woody Allen in black. But to be fair. He probably still thinks he is God.

  10. http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2009/07/morgan-freeman-denies-edena-hines-wedding-rumors/

    Morgan Freeman Will Not Marry E'Dena Hines

    It is now common knowledge that Morgan Freeman, and his wife Myrna, have split after 25 years of marriage. It is also well known that Morgan and Myrna had raised his step-granddaughter (from his first marriage) E'Dena Hines.

    Well, recent reports that Freeman, 72, had a decade-long affair with E'Dena Hines, 27, have surfaced amid Freeman's divorce reports - and moreover, the actor is said to be planning to marry her. Woody Allen can relate, but few others can.

    The National Enquirer said he and E'Dena Hines "are planning to wed after Morgan's contentious divorce battle is over," that "Morgan has let E'Dena believe he wants to marry her," and "becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal."

    Morgan Freeman's camp had kept quiet, assumingly finding the story so absurd it saw no reason to comment. At first, it was hard to argue with that logic.

    But, so many people jumped on the story and began printing it as fact - or at least reporting it so many times that some people inevitably assumed it was.

    Finally, Freeman's publicist set the record straight, stating in regards to the story: “It's complete garbage. The allegations are 100 percent made up."

    Well, that clears that up. And it's probably for the best.
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