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    For a long time I've worried as American jobs get shipped overseas..Now I'm shipping em.

    I had a Virtual Assistent in New Jersey for a long time and she did a nice job for me at $12 an hour.

    Then a friend suggested I try to outsourse with a company in India. I was able to get an MBA for $5.75 an hour, and she outworks Alisha ten to one. The work ethic these people (indians) have is just amazing. I always get 10 times more from them then I'd have expected. I've now hired four of them and even though I've been sick as hell my productivity has never ever been better.

    I think that we (Americans) are destined to continue to fall behind globally. We have a sense of being owed something, and others, who are harder working and better educated, are willing to compete with you for 1/10th of the price.

    Our problem, I think, is cultural, not economic.
  2. Do you mean "outsource " :p
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    yep...they spell better then I do too :)
  4. What exactly is it that you have these folks do for you, for $5.75/hr?
  5. Indian "MBA's" buy their degrees.

    I'll be happy to work for $5.75/hr as long as my mortgage payment is $300/month. Shit is cheap in India.
  6. They work for 5.75 because in India the majority of the population live in shantyvilles like this.


    For the US to compete the majority of the population needs to be housed in this kind of environment And live very minimal lives. Just enough to get by.

    Then the US will become competitive with the global economy.
  7. Our problem, I think, is cultural, not economic.

    The union warehouse takes 8 hours to sweep the floor by contract.

    The new union member sweeps the floor in 4 hours, the old timers take the new guy aside and say "You're making us look bad, take it easy, it's an 8 hour job."

    This scenario can play out in any work situation, union or not and it does.

    If you open your own janitorial business, due to your efficiency and see an opportunity to make 8 hours pay in 4 hours as a sub contractor. Ultimately you'll find yourself in a worse position than before, because of the regulatory, liability issues, fica, etc, have stripped you of the 4 hour profit with non productive issues but of a different stripe.

    I'm not sure if I'm clear on my second analogy but believe me the numbers play out and all the easy money is gone.
  8. Eight


    Trading... no employees at all
  9. Are you going to answer my question, or have you decided to ignore it and hope that I go away, Brandon?
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    Sorry I forgot about this thread.

    I love how people suppose that their deadlines should be mine...ahhh life in an internet world.

    I must say my life has gotten so much better since I threw my cell phone out and only check my email once a day (I need to make the same policy with ET..but I am, sadly, addicted)

    Anyway they will pretty much do anything I want. Order my girlfriend flowers to researching a presentation I need to make to a client. Building backlinks to websites, commentnig on blogs, writing articles and researching potential new clients for me to approach with my consulting business.

    Check out agents of value in the philippines for a good idea of what you can have done. American programers and engineers are screwed in the virtual world
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