Outsourcing your trading signals to funds

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by avarus, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Has anyone ever outsourced their mechanical trading system signals to any small or large hedge funds for a 2/20 fee arrangement? Looking for plus and minus of doing so and good or bad experiences. Also what type of $ arrangement was agreed upon.

    Thank you...
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  3. Yes I currently do something very similar to this but no 2%, just the set percentage of profits generated by my system signals in the account that trades them.
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    Thanks, does your agreement allow you to outsource to other funds?
  5. Not with the particular signals I provide them..other systems I use I can do what ever I want as they are not apart of the agreement. The agreement I have is with a very specific method/system signals only..that is how I wanted the arangement structured.
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    Thanks TradeStar.
  7. I thought you traded a current ET vendor/advertisers method or was that just crap the same way you always defend the undefendable crap that is???

    Or have you ripped him off using his sigs for your system? Sorry if I sound harsh but you have made many public defences of the person. Either that or you are simply a bullshitter.
  8. Yawn..if you did any research of me at all you would see that I trade several systems (ATS and discretionary)..for instance, one called the "accordion". BTW, ask the traders in ET live chat each day if I know how to make money. :)

    Now go off and finally focus on something positive in your life..all your postings are so very negative..I feel bad for you!
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    interesting thought.

    who r u w/ tradestar?
  10. If you write a system in downloaded software,assume that company has it.If you trade a system through a broker,the broker has it.If you put it on someone's server,they have it.If you enter a 'how much can you lose' contest,they can infer knowledge (which is why they exist).All assuming that the system is profitable.
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