Outsourcing the death of the economy!

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  1. A lousy ideal that will destroy us.

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  2. A great ideal that will make us all rich.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. CNN / Lou Dobbs has been avidly pushing stories about the rate of American Companies outsourcing and it's serious threat to our economy and markets.


    The BUSH plan as I understand it is to outsource the menial jobs so Americans can focus on management and self employment right ?

    OK so let me see if I get this because as it stands I am 90% in cash and until this makes sense to me that's where I'm staying.

    We encourage companies through tax advantages to outsource and give away American jobs so that we can have all the cushy management positions and we can all work from home running our own little companies!

    This sounds really great right, we will all be our own bosses and we will all sell stuff that is made over sea's to each others little home business's and no one needs to get out of their pajama's


    Well last year my girlfriend bought into this ideology and spent a whole year searching for this work from home cornucopia of wealth.

    She spent thousands of hours on the internet looking for this business and lost thousands of dollars buying scams from people flogging this dream.... and ever single one of them was a total SCAM. :mad:

    She finally had to go and look for a real job as her savings ran out BUT guess what ?

    There where none, they had all gone over sea's.


    Are we really stupid enough to think this logic will work ?
  2. I think that you should have added another option: i.e. inevitable. You cannot think locally any more, imo. The economy is global now.
  3. easy

    Please explain to me what that exactly means...?

    We have ALWAYS been global but we had money to buy stuff with because we had jobs, how are we going to buy stuff from our own companies when they are paying our wages to foreign employee's :confused:

    Seems to me that it will be a very good thing for them as an example India's economy boomed but where is our money going to come from?

    Can everyone be a daytrader ......... :p
  4. This has been discussed so many times.

    I believe that the outsourcing craze is mainly due to the corporate corruption because the latest outsourced jobs are not cheaper at all and do not save money. On paper they do but in real life when quality and human interaction is important they do not.

    Besidies, USA is a consumer economy. If the consumers run out of funds, the companies will suffer. Of course this does not matter to the current CEOs who will still get their salaries and bonuses but it may matter to the shareholders very soon.

    Or welfare will be expanded and more cheap money printed.
  5. Maybe we could start by cutting back on our profligate lifestyles. We don't have jobs because the USD is overvalued and nobody can afford to pay us.
  6. To me , free enterprise is a religion. This means not interfering with the natural evolution towards free trade worldwide. There is always somebody suffering from these changes.
  7. Imagine a programmer that would use only GLOBAL VARIABLES in his software: what will happen ? THE MESS !!!

    That's why Object Oriented Programming has been created: LOCALITY is KEY.


    Object Modelling is now entering Economics field but halas too slowly because of the necessary interdisciplinarity.

    Economic Object Modelling


    Economic Simulations in Swarm: Agent-Based Modelling and Object Oriented Programming

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    parts of the economy are global. goods can move, capitial can move, but labor is still stuck behind artificial political barriers. until that changes, what we have isn't global capitalism, it's global neofeudalism.
  9. Midas


    I prefer to look at the opportunity. I am having a website developed right now at fraction of what it used to cost. I can have a full time indian help desk support for what it would cost me to hire a Taco Bell cashier. My start up costs are so low............

    There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to profit from the inevitable. For instance set up a co. that provides an American link to India or China. Many American companies would pay a slight premium to have an US based consultant directing programming or development efforts.

    Or find other ways to make a living in the ever changing world of capitalism!

    You can sit and think about the way things should be and complain about how life is unfair. Or you can take your life and career by the horns and adapt.

    The only thing in life that remains the same is change..........
  10. LOL

    I like that one... :D

    Global Economy

    I think this phrase took on new meaning with the proliferation of the Internet.

    The concept spawn in the late 90's was a great term to throw around when raising hoards of venture capital BUT as we now see it was pretty useless economically to the nation.

    I just don't get it, we lost and spent trillions with our auto industry 25 years ago with this logic and it has NEVER fully recovered to what it could have been so why make the same mistake now with everything else.


    The only good thing that came of this is Japan became the richest nation on the earth (for a time) and I got a cheaper better Japanese car.

    I still haven't gone back to domestics in 20 years.

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