Outsourcing: a good thing

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  1. They told "the educated" that robotics would do the same thing.

    You probably believe the shit about the "paperless office" reducing hardcopy mail-flow....

    or how bout this one "o great educated one"....

    tax-cuts will take money out of the hard working American pockets......and hurt our economy


    If all these things came to pass....then where are the results?

    Michael B.

    P.S. I have even witnessed the loss of life when idiots like you try to further a case, they know nothing about...twisted facts to suit ones agenda in the medical research profession is a good example of this fucked up system. Please think about what you post and know what your talking about. The article you posted is throwing around words like outsourcing, offshoring globalization and information technology.....the writer has taken these words out of context and can try to support his/her gobbledygook by quoting the studies that have nothing to do with the conclusions he/she is eluding to.

  2. It's just a thing.
  3. Greed is stronger than pride.

    Not sure which is the lesser evil =(
  4. LOL

    Patriotism has been a problem through history.....true

    Michael B.

  5. klev


    We are yet to see the benefits of outsourcing ...
  6. Outsourcing used in its correct context in most published studies are not refferring to offshoring...

    Michael B.

  7. babe714


    1.You lift trade restrictions and give massive tax cuts to the wealthy
    2. they take the money invest it overseas where they can get the highest return

    It used to be called trickle down economics , now its called trickle OUT economics

    At least thats how it went with my company , they pumped millions into plant and equipment in India and china . Now our CEO keeps bitching at us because we're not competitive. We told him its hard to compete with outdated equipment against people making a dollar an hour. He told us "what the hell do i need you guys for then."
  8. oh...There is a bigger picture....for the "less educated"......

    So if I cite my education.....will I be on the wrong side of the truth?

    Anyway's, I have and would never consider myself "in the know" about these matters....I am curious who comes up with all this conceptual crap.....I have read respected advisors/educators and true "people in the know" and you can agree or disagree with them.

    But I have made my thoughts clear.....Don't believe everything you read unless you understand the agenda.

    Consider Trade Deficit.......WTO politics and Food and Energy needs.....Also observe how the media is used....

    And no I do not believe its a conspiracy.....its just short term views.....

    Michael B.

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    And the disparity between the rich and the poor becomes stronger and stronger. :mad:
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