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  1. Solace


    I just went on ebay and saw that there are traders selling trading books in lots of 5-7 really cheap! I guess they went belly up and now are trying to make some money back??? I am thinking of taking advantage of this as some of the books and software are hard to find and when you consider buying something for .99 that normally sells for over 50 bucks, I think it's a good trade.:D
  2. ktm


    for sale for 99 cents? and they went belly up after reading them?

    Sounds like the price is about right.
  3. LMeyers


    :D Very true.

    Moreover, almost invariably, the authors of these books themselves never made a dime from the market.
  4. Nutrageous!!
  5. I recently sold some trading books on EBAY and have not gone belly up. I sold the ones I did not find useful or I extracted the good stuff. Made a few hundred doing it too. A good trade IMO.

    I sold one at a time.

  6. You will find thousands of books for sale on Amazon for 1 cents. I know a person who is selling around 3000 books per month and his price is from 1 cent to 99 cent . He makes all his money on shipping.
  7. I guess he's one of the new generation of shipping magnates.