Outrageous Electricity Bills

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DATTrader, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. I live in upstate (western) New York. Approximately 3,900 sq foot house including finished basement which is where my office is.

    Also I have 5 young daughters....yes I am certifiably insane :)

    Here is the deal.... our gas and electric bill so far this summer has been about $200 a month and this is WITHOUT air conditioning!!!

    We are finally caving in and cranking on the AC with the recent heat, but I am shocked by how much our utility bill has been already. We have a gas dryer but the gas portion of the $200 plus bill is only about $30 in the summer.

    Since we only recenly moved here from Colorado, maybe NY electricity is way more expensive....everything else seems to be!

    My simple question is, does leaving my 3 computers on 24 hours a day add that much to an electric bill ( they all have the auto sleep mode or what ever). ALso, what is others experiences with electricity...maybe we just leave too many lights on!
  2. yep, that's about right...utilities are way way way more expensive on a coast than the central US...the computers are relatively insignificant. the AC is what's killing you.

    buying dividend-paying utility stocks in a tax-free acct is the best way to recoup that cash you're paying out the ass for electricity...
  3. I went to school in upstate New York, in a small rural town that I would soon rather forget...Anyway, this place was in the middle of nowhere, most people up there were just scraping by, and yet groceries cost more than they did in Chicago, where I grew up...In fact, EVERYTHING cost more in rural upstate NY than it did in Chicago...Needless to say, the state of New York subsidizes the city of New York...
  4. That's what I thought was going on. I have to ask, what school and what town?
  5. Hamilton, New York-Colgate...which is ironic because Hamilton College is located in Clinton, a 15 minute drive away...
  6. can't even name their colleges right. I thought it may have been a small college in western NY ina small hick town mear me.....