Outlook to Outlok 2003 Migration

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CPTrader, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. I recently installed Outlook 2003 on a new machine and wish to migrate my Outlook settings/folders, accounts, etc to my new machine/Outlook 2003. How can I efficently and quickly do this?

    So far, I have done a quick and dirty migration, by copying some outlok files (outlook.pst, archive.pst, etc) from one machine to the new machine's Outlook 2003 directory. This enabled me transfer all my emailfolders. Howevr, my archive folder, while showing in my C: drive diretcory, does not apper as a folder in the Outlook 2003 window pane alongwith my other folders.

    Also, my account settings did not transfer. If I create new account settings, I think Outlook 2003 will download all my previosuly downloaded email (thus creating duplicates). How can I prevent this?

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    how about move all your archive email back to your current folder then after your migrate them to the new machine re-archive them.
  3. Just to clarify, are you migrating from a different version of Outlook (or Outlook express) or are you migrating from an Outlook 2003 installation?

    Also are you running XP on the new machine?

    If this is a same-version of Outlook migration and you are running XP you might want to check out the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard feature, it will do exactly what you want.
  4. XP on both PCs.

    Outlook on old PC; OUTLOOK 2003 on PC2