OutLook Substitute?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bogan7, May 17, 2007.

  1. Now I have moved off MS Office to OpenOffice I am just looking for an Email/Contacts program similar to Outlook. I lookesd at Zoho which looks brilliant but it is still in a private Beta. I can still use Outlook by using my old computer but would like to move away.

  2. Thunderbird. It won't be a complete substitude

    I use Yahoo Mail beta, web based.
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    Incredimail is what I use.
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    i have fully migrated to gmail last year. it has everything outlook has and performs much better. it allows to store as much info as you wish and it is extremely reliable, customizable and feature rich. but wait, google calendar which comes along with gmail, is even better. it allows to share and browse for public calendars, manage multiple agendas, sync up with every piece of portable hardware you might imagine of and has exceptional usability. both come with a superb notifier that alerts you of any important event/message.

    all of this is accomplished with almost no cpu power consumption and you have your data permanently secured on google servers.
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    I agree. If you want an email program Thunderbird is the way to go.
  6. My favorite feature with Outlook is Archive, is it available in any substitute?
  7. I agree with the comment earlier about switching to gmail.

    I realize that the original poster has made his mind up about using an e-mail client program. That's fine. I've been trying to talk my wife into not using a client (she uses outlook express) and just going web-based to no avail.

    I use outlook at work only because it's required. If I were working for myself, I'd be purely web-based on gmail.

    If I *had* to, I'd go the thunderbird route.
  8. The Bat! from RITLabs