Outlook for TSLA in the next week

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  1. I wanted to buy TSLA prior to its stock split but the stock price is going up steeply. Do you think that it will continue to rise and buy or shall I wait until end of next week to see how it floats
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    There's really no one here qualified to answer that.
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    I'd like to know how the days ahead are going to pan out for Tsla since today is the deadline for those holding the shares to get the split, but the new price won't be effective until 08/31. So what happens 24th to 28th trading week?
  4. I see, i didnt know.
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    There's the answer to my question:

    Leads to another question, what's the point of the 21st deadline (today) if nothing is different until the 28th, the last trading day before the split price opening on Monday 31st?
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    El Trado

    Tesla is totally irrationally priced. But as they say, the market might stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

    If you buy Tesla now, you are gambling on a greater fool buying it from you at a higher price. That worked well for the people buying Bitcoins, until it suddenly didn’t work anymore around 18000 or so.

    So noone can answer your question. It does not have anything to do with fundamental values any more. Just about market psychology.
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    I'm not sure there's such a thing as an irrational share price when shares are based on supply and demand. It's possible for the price to exceed your analysis but it could well be that your analysis is flawed. One doesn't buy shares because they are rationally priced, that would be your 6% yearly return, but because of the exuberance of those shares that will make you rich.