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    Somewhat of a different subject....

    Is there any way to save all your e-mail messages from Outlook Express onto a CD or flash drive or any other removable storage item? I want to start saving my messages outside of my pc. Thanks for any help.
  2. yes, you need to create a folder or category on the local drive. it should be an option under the create new category. after that, you just need to move or copy the mail to the local drive.
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    Are you talking about the "Local Folders" inside Outlook Express itself? If so, I've already created many folders to separate my e-mails into different categories. I want to actually drag each individual e-mail message onto a CD or flash drive but don't know how to do that from within Outlook Express. Can it be done thru Windows Explorer?
  4. yes, you just have to locate the files on the drive, and copy with windows explorer. outlook may have an export function as well, I forget.
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    Thanks for the help but I don't think that works, unless I'm doing it wrong. I tried to open the outlook express folder in windows explorer (within the programs folder) but it doesn't give access to each individual e-mail message. I'll keep looking for a solution to this....
  6. Click View/Layout/Customize Toolbar.

    Then make sure the "Save As" button is on the right.

    Use that button to easily save individual emails wherever you like.

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  7. outlook express stores its folders as DBX files, which can be found in its "Store folder". you can find out the location of that folder by clicking Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store Folder.

    Simply backup the dbx files.