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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. gnome


    Whenever I launch Outlook Express or "send/receive" check for mail, my dial-up connection breaks and is redialed.

    Anybody know of a setting to stop this? Or, other? Thanks
  2. bobcathy1

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    Dude, do yourself a favor and switch to DSL.....dial up is for the birds.
    Go to Outlook Express>Tools>Options>Connections and make sure the box that says "hangup after sending and recieving" is not checked.
    Also make sure your temporary files have been deleted regularly. If you do not have enough space, sometimes it will shut off. Control Panel>Internet Options>Temporary Internet Folder.......go to it and delete all files and offline content.
  3. You could also try setting your settings to online all the time or connected to LAN and it won't attempt to dial, it'll just look for an open internet connection. But you would have to logon to your ISP first. Cable modem, it's time for one.
  4. gnome


    The "hang-up" box was already unchecked. Tried the LAN settings, but no help. Must have gremlins in the system.

    Anybody know how to uninstall/reinstall only Outlook Express? TIA.

    BTW, I live in south central Denver, and it will be another 2 years before this area has completed rewiring for DSL or Cable. Amazing.
  5. Good luck with that, unistalling MS products is like doing open heart surgery on yourself, be careful. Make a backup of your hard drive before you do it.
  6. gnome -

    Your best bet would be to do a re-installation of Windows on top of itself. Just insert the CD-ROM and hit setup. It will go through all the gyrations of a fresh install while saving your exisiting settings like cursors, themes, etc. A lot of times files that get lost or corrupted over time will be overwritten by the new original ones.

    It'll only cost you 30-45 minutes and may fix the problem.