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  1. Hi all,

    Yesterday evening my inbox (but not anything else, including contacts or sent mail) folder was mysteriously deleted from outlook express. One minute it was there, then I opened the program again 15min later, and it was gone!

    I looked into this a bit on the microsoft home page, and it seems that there are a variety of ways that the inbox folder can become corrupted, and when it does, it seems to disappear and MS Outlook Express creates a new (empty) one. Typically when this happens, all of the inbox gets emptied (but sent items are fine) and when you next start outlook express, you have a Welcome To Outlook Express email waiting for you in the inbox (the same one you get when you first install the program) but all your old mails are gone. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday.

    So I downloaded a couple of programs from cnet.com that are supposed to restore the corrupted inbox file, but the problem is that I can't seem to find the corrupted file...or any mailbox files for that matter, even though I should be able to at least find the new one. I'm searching for *.dbx and *.mbx files, which should be the OE mailbox, but I can't find either one on my computer!?

    I am using the latest version of OE (version 6, build 6.00.2800.1106)...

    Thanks in advance!
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  4. Hi bungrider,

    Are you using a Anti-Virus program...meaning is it active and protecting your computer?

    I'm not trying to scare you but I hope it wasn't a virus.

    I also hope it wasn't your trading computer but instead...it occurred on the non-trading computer.

    I posted the below info about virus because a relative had a similar problem as yours...she couldn't get it fixd...it reaccurred...she took it too the computer shop...they said it was infected with a virus...they fixed it...she doesn't have that problem anymore nor do she open attachments anymore from strangers nor with weird extensions.

    Below is taken from CNET website about virus that cause havoc to Outlook Express and your computer:

    # "Don't open attachments!" One of the best ways to prevent virus infections is not to open attachments, especially when viruses such as this worm are being actively circulated. Even if the e-mail is from a known source, be careful. A few viruses take the mailing lists from an infected computer and send out new messages with its destructive payload attached. Always scan the attached files first for viruses. Unless it's a file or an image you are expecting, delete it.

    # Get protected. If you don't already have virus protection software on your machine, you should. If you're a home or individual user, it's as easy as downloading any of these top-rated programs then following the installation instructions. If you're on a network, check with your network administrator first.

    # Scan your system regularly. If you're just loading anti-virus software for the first time, it's a good idea to let it scan your entire system. It's better to start with your PC clean and free of virus problems. Often the antivirus program can be set to scan each time the computer is rebooted or on a periodic schedule. Some will scan in the background while you are connected to the Internet. Make it a regular habit to scan for viruses.

    # Update your anti-virus software. Now that you have virus protection software installed, make sure it's up-to-date. Some antivirus protection programs have a feature that will automatically link to the Internet and add new virus detection code whenever the software vendor discovers a new threat. You can also scan your system for the latest security updates here.

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    run chkdsk utility and if it find the corrupt file say yes to restore it. (just a though not base on any scientific fact)
  6. If you can't find the file, it's probably hidden. For some reason the .wab files are in hidden folders (at least on my computer they were). Go to your control panel and double click the Folder Options icon. Click the view tab. Then select the "Show hidden files and folders" option. Now try searching for the corrupt files.
  7. heh...as you guys were writing that stuff, i discovered that the inbox.dbx file was hidden...

    i realized this when i went to Tools -> Options -> Maintenance and clicked on Store Folder - this showed me where OE was keeping my messages (In docs and settings -> administrator...buried under 5 hidden folders) and then i saw it was hidden...

    the antivirus angle is a good thought - i scanned right after i realized the folder was gone, but it's definitely not a virus. sidenote - macaffee anti-V can actually corrupt inboxes as well...see http://www.mcafeehelp.com/displaydoc.asp?docid=60743&CategoryId=269 if you think it's happened to you.

    i'm trying this fix for the problem - http://www.oehelp.com/DBXtract/Default.aspx

    from the size of my inbox.dbx, it's definitely corrupted and isn't a virus/worm...

    i'll let you guys know if that program (linked above ) works...

    thanks again for all the help,
  8. i used DB extract to recover my inbox - http://www.oehelp.com/DBXtract/Default.aspx

    it worked the first time with no hassle. i just backed up my corrupted inbox, made sure i had the file destinations correct in db, and that was that...plus, the price couldn't be beat...

    thanks again to those who helped out,
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