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  1. thyrus


    So the back of GPU has 3 outlets for monitors -

    1 DigitalPort, 1 HDMI, 1 old school (I forget name)

    I am going to have 3 monitors with DP and HDMI ports, but no old school. So would a USB splitter do the job to connect all 3? I would really rather not install another graphics card.

    https:// www.amazon.com /gp/product/B005HXFARS/

    That is what I have. Thanks!
  2. You don't want a "splitter" as it will display the same image on 2 monitors, but there ways to daisy chain monitors.

    Your "old school" is either DVI or VGA. Assuming your computer will support 3 monitors at once, look for an adapter... "DP-DVI", for example.
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  3. RDK91


    As Scataphagos said, a splitter will not work.

    You need to find out which the "old school" one is, probably VGA or DVI and get a DVI to HDMI cable for example.

    Do some research to find out if your graphics card does support 3 monitors at a time, most don't i think.

    Another option could be wireless, a Microsoft wireless display adapter for example. Not sure how this would work out in a multi monitor setup.

    Also a wireless solution will not be ideal for scalping since there could be a very small delay, for swing trading that will make no difference.
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  4. thyrus


    Yes, an adapter is the easiest solution but the quality won't be that of DP or HDMI right?

    If you look at the amazon page of the DP splitter , https://www. amazon.com /StarTech-com-2-Port-DisplayPort-MST-Hub/dp/B00XXPYGPO?th=1 , there is a setup of 4 monitors with different charts using it (not just mirroring each other)
  5. Probably correct. Whenever you use an "adapter" there is often the issue of "lower resolution".

    The easiest way to display 4 monitors is usually with 2, dual-port video cards (not expensive)... or maybe one quad-port card.
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  6. thyrus


    Well, I've also just been told DP allows you to daisy chain...
  7. It's described as a splitter but technically it's not.... though it might work for you.

    For ~$20-$25 each, you could buy 2x NVS310 video cards on eBay and run 4 monitors from DP at UHD resolution if you want. No need for adapters.

    Adapters have their use and limits, as does daisy chaining.
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  8. RDK91


    An USB grapics card also could do to the job for 1 extra monitor, however this will cause some delay, nothing to worry about if you are trading longer term but if you are scalping for ticks this isn't ideal.

    Do you know what kind of connection the old school one is yet? If it is DVI there is no problem since you can buy a DVI -> HDMI or DVI - DP cable.
  9. vic38


    Would the delay be only on the monitor connected to the USB graphics card?

    If so, then that monitor could be used for a browser window or other non-trading app or charts not related to scalp trades.
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