Outlawed for 41 years - Now LEGAL Again

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    the preamble;

    How to Build A $200 Million Empire

    Even before Bruce McNall began graduate studies in ancient history at the University of California at Los Angeles, he and a friend were earning up to $300,000 a year by investing in the secret currency in their spare time, according to Time.

    McNall ultimately built a $200 million empire. It included a $50 million business, a thoroughbred racing stable of 150 horses (worth $40 million), and several pro sports teams.
    An Investment that Earned 91,300%

    Walter H. Childes grew up in Vermont and was one of the early investors in Bell Telephone, in the late 1800s. In 1945, he made a $5,000 investment in the secret currency of the world's wealthiest people.

    This single investment, according to Barron's, went up 91,300% over the next 54 years
    Josiah K. Lilly's $50 Million Portfolio

    You may recognize the Lilly name. Josiah Lilly was President and Chairman of the $75 billion Lilly Pharmaceutical Company.

    He earned more than a 25-times return using the secret currency in his portfolio, according to Stack's, a brokerage firm in New York. Stacks valued Lilly's portfolio to ultimately be worth more than $50 million.

    It beat stocks, bonds, gold, silver, artwork, diamonds, U.S. Treasury bills, real estate, and oil, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

    the tease;

    This secret currency gives you a way to invest in gold--only it's better than gold. With this investment, we have a scenario Dr. Sjuggerud has repeated over and over again in the past few years...

    1) Hardly anyone is paying attention to this investment--yet. Few people even know it exists--even fewer know how to capitalize on it. This gives us a window of opportunity of about 3 months, before others catch on.

    2) You can buy it at an incredibly good price. Even better, Dr. Sjuggerud has found a way to take advantage of this investment at a 30% discount. This means you could buy today and sell tomorrow--and pocket as much as a 30% gain.

    3) In the next six months, this investment will likely skyrocket in value. Dr. Sjuggerud says it's possible for it to gain 655% or more--just like what happened in the late 1980s.

    the testimonial;

    'If I Had Done This at the Beginning...'

    'I started this year with only 40% of my retirement funds allocated to Steve's recommendations. My total 401K returns are up this year, and all of that is from the gains in that 40% portion.

    Needless to say, I have in the last month moved ALL of my 401K money to Steve's picks. This should boost my total returns and allow me to think about other things instead of wondering what to invest in next! If I had done this at the beginning of the year, my returns would have been up almost 50%. Thanks Dr. Sjuggerud!' - Jim Frederick, Burbank, CA

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