"Outing" Wrongway

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thetraderprofit, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. I have discovered through my Scientology detective contacts that
    Wrongway is actually also Inmate451. He was either released on parole or escaped, or possibly got access to the warden's computer again.

    In any case, his spelling and grammar mistakes gave him away.

    I guess his recent post about 80% of CFO's being "on the take"
    is based on the fact he would do such things given the chance. Maybe, Inmate451/Wrongway, you are just jaded by years behind bars (or is that years in the laps of other prisoners?)

    As we all know, Inmate 451 got his handle from the book Farenheit 451. He is a firebug. I guess I'll have to increase my homeowners' coverage now.
  2. nkhoi


    have you discuss your new 'finding' with your psychiatrist yet?
  3. No, but thank you for the suggestion.

    I do need to offer a correction to your post.
    I actually have a TEAM of psychiatrists. They are currently evaluating the effect of my daily McFlurry with Oreos on my psychiatric health.