OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Keep drinking the Koolaid.
  2. Have you watched it? Let me answer for you. No, you didn't. Fox's own tells all, and even THAT'S not enough for you. And you have the temerity to make a Kool-Aid reference? I do believe I've just consumed my recommended daily allowance of irony.
  3. Take it easy there tough guy. :p
  4. hughb


    You sat and watched a one hour, seventeen minute video on Murdoch's war?????
  5. Yes.

    It's outrageous. Anyone who doesn't enjoy eating full bags of shit, one after another, with a large spoon should be outraged by the deception perpetrated by Fox News. Sure, I knew it was biased to a fault. However, as I noted earlier, the detail and scope of their conduct, as outlined in this exposé is incredible. And the fact that much of the exposé is based on detailed admissions by former Fox News employees make it credible and compelling. Definitely worth watching. And unless you've seen it, their conduct is probably more insidious than you might imagine.
  6. Wow thunderdog. Awesome video. An eye opener.

    p.s. ignore the monkeys.
  7. Your idea of journalism is Olbermann. A psychotic moron babbling and drooling on himself, although that description would also fit Matthews pretty well. Say what you want about O'Reilly, but at least he allows people on the air who disagree with him. He won;t let them talk, but he does allow thme on the air. Olbermann surrounds himself with other kool aid-addled idiots and they spend the entire time smirking over cheney jokes.
  8. Just watch the exposé and then good luck with trying to contain your embarrassment. Don't compare the rants of one guy with the insidious, orchestrated effort of an entire "news" organization, straight from the top down with no wavering allowed whatsoever.
  9. He is not going to watch it. And even if he watched it; what do you want him to say? Yes we are no different than the USSR?
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