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  1. Anyone auto-trading using out of the box automatic trading software and strategies?

    For example, you are using a specific trading strategy already programmed within TradeStation. Or using a trading strategy found at cool-trade.com

    It would be nice if you could share your experience.
  2. I have used TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and OpenQuant. Currently all of my strategies are coded in OpenQuant and currently I run them using Open Quant and believe if you are good at computer and programming there's really no better choice IMHO, however note the documentation on the product isn't the greatest
  3. sky,

    Are you able to run your strategies unattended in OQ?

    How are the recoverability features of OQ?

  4. TIMMY57


    Here's my advice about the software. It's very nice, very clean look, and I would love to be able to use the product. I ended up downloading the trail edition, and had some ?s likewise and posted on their forums, and like what was previously said the support is Terrible. The OpenQuant guy'll probably'll come on here and say some reason why it is has been bad lately and it'll be better in the future, but as far as I've known them it has always been horrible.

    I posted a question on there, a response wasn't received until 3 days, and the question was only half answered.

    What a shame, a terrific piece of software, but I would never purchase because of the support
  5. Hi, Sky. I was recently reading through the product documentation on the OQ website. I was unclear whether it provides tick-by-tick creation of historical periods and whether historical bid/ask data are available. I read something that led me to believe that historical tick-based periods are not supported, but I cannot locate that same text again.

    For example, historical tick-based periods in NinjaTrader and esignal use only the OHLC of the period, and the bid/ask prices/size are only available for real-time ticks. As all of my indicators and strategies are tick-based, I find this a significant limitation. I've heard good things about OQ, but I don't want to run into the same limitations I have currently.

    Are there any other significant limitations of which you are aware?

    Thank you.


  6. Ant,
    I do not use OQ for historicaly testing, however I believe you can do what you say build historical data out of ticks. If you have the software and you go to market data, you'll see the option.

    It really is a great piece of software, but just like Timmy said this is very true, the support does take long, and it is not very well documented. However, for me it is the only ATS out there that can run my strategies.