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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Johnny Utah, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I was trading DISH this morning. I was short and wanted to remain short, but I was trailing my stop. I kept getting knocked out by wacky out of market prints. Every now and then there would be a large print 10 to 15 cents above the current offer. Those prints would trigger my Arca stop and knock me out.

    I have marked those prints with arrows on the chart. Esignal has made them blue wicks because it thinks they are bad prints. Is this just someone doing that on purpose to trigger stops?

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  2. nassau


    Yes, the moment you place an order in the market you are fair game. Many times our traders get fills when the current bid/ask is not there...some in our favour some not..just par for the business

  3. Are Arca stop orders visible to others?
  4. Dustin


    They are probably delayed trades being put through late. That's one problem using stops on Nasdaq stocks.
  5. That has happened to me on other naz stocks, as well. Should I just watch and get out manually? Or I guess I could use looser stops.
  6. I rarely use hard stops, but those prints should not trigger a trade.

    I think IB uses a double bid, ask thing to avoid that.

    You can't have stops going off based on prints.