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    I went to DayTradeTeam's site today and notice they are gone! What happened? No notice? Nothing??

  2. TC,

    They lost most of their members and went under last month.

    Marketing and fancy graphics with flash will only get you so far. I should not complain. A lot of our users are from the former DTT. I noticed there was a guy trying to sell his lifetime membership on here. lol
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    Dear Day Trade Team Members,

    It is with deep regret that we must announce the closing of our services. With the current economic downturn forcing many of our clients into unfortunate financial hardship, our ability to offer our services has been largely impacted as well. We thank you for being part of our team and have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent with you. We wish you the best of success in both your investment objectives and personal lives.

    Day Trade Team Staff

    so who were those guys, just in case you run into them
  4. They have a new site but their old site has no information nor links directing visitors to the new site...it's very odd.

    In fact, their now posting their trades in real-time.

    Just Google the names of the owners and you'll find where they are at.

    Like I said in another thread in reply to Spectra...

    If they are profitable traders...it shouldn't matter if they only have one client or 1000s of clients due to the fact that their website was maintained via a few hundred bucks per year (at most).

    I suspect they just got tired of the site and decided to go in the direction of "social networking" (like twitter).

    Last of all, note that one of them (head trader) had some serious health problems as documented on Youtube.

  5. I don't know. Then why say their clients lost to all economic hardships, blah blah?

    When I had cancer, I said "I have cancer. Watch me kick its ass."

    Took my 3 weeks off, kicked its ass and came back. Just tell the truth. I guess everyone wants the Steve Jobs shuffle.

  6. First of all, there's an economic global crisis that's hitting every body in some way or another.

    During these times, most clients of any vendor (including trading vendors) will tend to go without the excess.

    For example, my neighbor typically hired someone to do landscaping work on his property...

    However, recently, him and his family have been doing it themselves to save several thousand of dollars.

    My point is that in the trading business, traders using a vendor will most likely switch to self-learning (see my above landscaping analogy) during tough economic times.

    Think about it...if you have a financial crisis...you get rid of the magazine subscriptions, eating out less, use more public transportation instead of driving the car, cancel that family vacation to disneyland...

    That subscription to daytradeteam will also be on your "get rid list". :cool:

    That's why we see today more vendor services (including trading vendors) going to youtube, video advertising, social networking and trying to hire real traders to promote their products or new advertising approaches.

    However, why didn't daytradeteam want to adapt like others are starting to do?

    Note: I'm just guessing on why they close down via trying to piece together a few other known facts as revealed below.

    Yet, the puzzle is why are they posting their trades elsewhere online at a new website considering maintaining a website with declining customer base is cheap ?

    Maybe the other answer is within the purchase of their new site by Investools.com that was looking to acquire something that deals with social networking (e.g. twitter) via traders for embedding into the ThinkorSwim online brokerage application.

    ThinkorSwim.com owns Investools.com and Investools owns Mytrade.com (new site for the owners of Daytradeteam).

    Therefore, could be a possible agreement that they must stop the daytradeteam.com site and devote themselves to their new job sort'uv speak under their new boss (Investools) because the new boss wasn't interested in acquiring the daytradeteam.com website with a declining membership.

    P.S. It's all in google if you dig deep enough and their prior notice has expired after being up for awhile.

    P.S.S. Message to Baron (EliteTrader.com owner), that social networking stuff is becoming more and more popular amongst traders.

    Hope you got some social networking plans for EliteTrader.com especially if you plan on selling this place or want to increase paying sponsors.

  7. Hm, makes sense?

    I plan on getting to puretick starting tomorrow (basically I will sign up after today's market is in the ending).

    I plan to - with part of my account, once the simulation period is over - start following Alex trade, WHILE absorbing as much knowledge as possible and developing my own trading plan.

    Now, remember his challenge? Follow his trades and you get money, PLUS the profits from it (and if his record IS legit, that is quite a lot).

    Assuming I manage to follow his trades enough to make half the profit...

    ....how the heck would I stop using that due to economic hardship?

    That makes NO sense. Having problems singing up new customers - accepted. Buy why should existing customers disappear all in a fashion IF the service is valuable and makes money?

    Someone can explain me this logic?

    That said, maybe THEY made money, but their users did not. Somehow Alex' challenge to follow his trade and the explanation how people jsut don't do it (in the beginning when they should) makes me think that the business model of such chat rooms may be very delivate THANKS TO THE STUPIDITY OF THE MAJORITY OF USERS - meaning even if the service is valuable and making money, they simply don't follow and blow their accounts.

    In this case, the missing influx of new people may also hit them hard enough to just shut down (publicly at least - one can still keep some people on, just stop all the advertising).

    That, though... well ;) Let's say I would expect that ;)
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    interesting feature; on mytrade page if you want the same trade for you TOS account you just click the copy button.
  9. Post a review after 10 days and let me know what you think.

    Geoff / Cajun
  10. I thought this was social networking.

    Twitter = ET with 100x the idiocy (I know, hard to imagine).
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