Out of all the ET members known for their success

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  1. Who do you believe is considered the top 1 or 2 respectable traders of all those who post on ET. It's probably unwise for any of the recognized traders/teachers on ET to respond. Feelings could be hurt etc. etc. (You get the idea) So I'll ask the question to the other 99% of contributers who make up the ET majority. For example, if you had to guess who do you think Wolfinger, Cottle, or Budwick would want to continue learning from?
  2. Crgarcia, Increasenow and BpTrader, 3 way tie

  3. Translated: Fireplace=Crgarcia, Increasenow and BpTrader

    Jack Rennick Anderson scoops another one!!:cool:
  4. Your sarcasm identification skills are lacking, mate


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    why, moi of course!!



  6. I would say Maestro.

    The guy has been through a lot. He started off trading a retail account, paying retail commission. I think back then the commission was like $30 - $60/trade. He failed, borrowed money, failed again, worked 2 jobs to repay his debts, and now, judging by the number of monitors that he has in his firm, he seemed to finally made it.

    However, I don't enjoy his postings tho. They are quantitatively intensive and most likely will be about quantum random walk. They make me feel dumb. hehe