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    PJ O'Rourke sometimes misses (especially when he tries to wander away from politics), but this article is spot on:

    We Blew It
    A look back in remorse on the conservative opportunity that was squandered.
    by P.J. O'Rourke
    11/17/2008, Volume 014, Issue 09

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  2. Thank's T. I attended a Heartland Institute function (or some such group) a decade or so ago and P.J. was the speaker. Very witty guy.

  3. No Child Left Behind? What if they deserve to be left behind?

    A nationwide program to test whether kids are what?


    You've got kids. Kids are stupid.

    The article is a classic.

    a 'slow' child deserves to be left behind??

    left behind what"" your kid?? my kid?

  5. hughb


    Deserve has nothing to do with it. There are only two options in no child left behind. The slow child comes up to the fast child's level, or the fast child goes down to the slow child's level.

    Guess what? The slow one's aren't coming up to the fast one's level.
  6. Brandonf

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    In real life we have winners and we have losers. I've never seen someone get a trophy for finishing in last place in business, but you see it often in our schools so that the kids wont feel bad. This leads to a group of children who feel entitled way beyond what they are worth and it is a big part of the cultural problem we have in America that is leading to so many of our economic issues.
  7. Banjo


    Let the disappointment begin
    By Muhammad Cohen

    HONG KONG - For the millions around the world who supported the candidacy of United States president-elect Barack Obama, let the disappointment begin. Rhetoric fades and symbolism pales in the harsh light of familiarity. But the biggest culprit in this emerging, imminent disillusionment is simple reality.

  8. kut2k2


    O'Rourke is just another hypocritical right-winger with delusions of intelligence and morality.

    He was on "Real Time with Bill Maher" back in May 2007 where he was criticizing the "liberal attack" on Alberto Gonzales. Then he added the sort of hack cheapshot he has become famous for:

    "Plus bonus! Liberals get to attack a minority group!"

    Riiight, P.J., liberals have such secret loathing for minorities, we just put one in the Oval Office.

    He is a total fucking tool, even on the rare occasions he isn't drunk.