Our vets could solve the economies troubles

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Paliz, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Paliz


    Bring back the soldiers from Iraq, and rewared them with 5-10k each for their services. Now there is a catch, the catch is the money they get would have to go to a down payment for a house. Not all of them will be qualified. Because we cant go around giving 10k to over 100k soldiers overseas. There would be restrctions, and it will solve our housing crisis.

    Yes, I just thought of this idea. It took me less than 2 minutes to start this thread. But it does make sense:D
  2. Most states offer matching grants from 5000 to 10000 to returning vets for home purchases.

    Those vets also recieve - all income, bonuses, and interest from savings plan tax free.

    Those vets are buying homes in droves.

    They deserve every bit of it and the overwhelming majority wish to re-deploy after 18 months stateside.

    You won't hear that on the news...not bloody or negative enough.
  3. And by the way...reenlistment bonuses are over 20k.

    Ask them (soldiers) "if" they wish to admit defeat before taking the side of the peace-nicks.

    Tours are 12 months, 9 months for marines.

    There is no draft.

    Volunteer military.

    Good grief man. Moveon.orgy is not reality.
  4. Paliz


    But it would work over time. History repeats its self

  5. TGregg


    Let's really kick this economy into overdrive and turbo! Give everybody not a few hundred bucks, but a few hundred thousand! Yeah! Free Money. Woo Hoo! Heck, let's make it a cool million, then we can all be millionaires!

    Or a billion! Woot! A billion dollars for everybody! We can all be billionaires and then our economy would rock! No more poverty anywhere in this country.

    Hey wait, I know. Why don't we just have the government put out bushels of money by every cash register? There's no sense carrying money around when you can just reach into the basket, grab a handful of 100s and throw them at the cashier. At really expensive places like car dealerships, the feds could park a semi full of cash right out front.

    And helicopters could fly overhead and drop payloads of money all over the country so nobody is ever far from fresh moola.

    It's free money, right?
  6. When they spend their 10k, they would find themselves unemployed, in a country in recession.

    Peace is bad for the economy and bearish for the markets, grim but true.
  7. bat1


    buying the house is not the problem!

    being able to pay for it is....soldiers over spend
    on many things they got to have 24's on there cars
    they got to have a sportbike too ..and this and that!
    they can't manage there money is the problem
    and when they leave the service there broke!

    SGT, USA