our system works. the best man for the times was elected

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  1. romney did not deserve the job. he refused to even talk to the press for the last 27 days.he refused to release his tax returns. he refused to tell us what he planned to do if elected. those are not the actions of a leader.
    lets just hope that now that obama cant run again the republicans will stop acting like children who dont get their way and compromise to solve some of our problems.
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  4. Agree, and it proves that the ABO crowd was just wrong in their thinking. Americans need to be For someone, not just against the other guy, IMO.
  5. Free cell phones for all!

    Yeah, four more years!

    Go Barry!
  6. Nothing really happened. It's status quo, although quite a few proimnent Tea party activists lost their seats. I guess all you can say is America re-affirmed their faith in socialism.
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    our system works. the best man for the times was elected

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    our system works. the best man for the times was elected

    Just because the OP is statisfied with the result, that doesn't mean the system works. The system sucks giant elephant dick. This is the same system that gave W 2 terms. This is the same system that doesn't allow 3rd party candidates to have a real shot.

    And don't get me started on the fucking EC....
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    Democracy is the worst system there is. Except for (you know the rest).
  10. If the system worked like how the founders said it would, like how Hamilton in the Federalist Papers said it would, then the Electoral College would form the last line of defense against the off event that public opinion would be manipulated by a demagogue. They would not cast their votes for Barack Obama.

    What Hamilton in Federalist 68 did not realize was that the con is now through and through, not only has the populace been hoodwinked, the electoral college has been duped.

    All the safeguards are for naught. The game is over.
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