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  2. what is that bubble on his cheek? is he the manchurian candidate? something odd about this guy.

    do people realize he can't even use a computer? admittedly knows nothing about economics? can't we do better?
  3. do people realize he can't even use a computer? admittedly knows nothing about economics


    As long as he knows who to hire, someone who knows economics and computers, he doesn't need to know these things. In fact, maybe not knowing these can be an asset. Degrees change your thought process, in some ways may limit them. We need the president for judgement calls.
  4. BTW, your McCain ad had 23k views. My McCain ad had 1.5 million views. Yours suck.

  5. yes you're right.. let's go with Corky... he will save us: wtf?

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    so with that logic... let's go for someone really stupid.... i wonder if Charro is available?
  6. Rat, he is bs'ing. Are you going to tell me he doesn't know who the ppt? Imo, he wasn't going to give the satisfaction of an answer. The PPt has no bearing on a presidential race.
  7. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I bet he knows now. dude... he obviously didn't know then. who are you kidding.. the man can't even use a computer.... we are talking idiot savant without the savant.
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    You guys know nothing about history or what makes a person truly great. Mc Cain is just a wise old man who can really lead this nation to even further greatness and prosperity. Not knowing about Economics? Just a style of speech, a zen idiom to invite inquiry and encourage his listeners towards self introspection. Who REALLY knows about Economics or any other subject? We are all scratching the surface of things to try to understand something and making it up as we go. Who REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING? Here's what my great-great-...great grandfather had to say about that, an honest realization that still resonates around the world in its immense simplicity and truthfulness:

    "I only know one thing, that I know nothing" or, "en oida, oti ouden oida" (Socrates, c 400 BC)

    So, you see, by being humble, self effacing and open to suggestions, McCain shows himself to be a true leader, unlike the self-pumped-up, dishonest, unreliable, anti-American egotists he's running against. Oh well :)
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    Well, it might be because those who think like Rev Jeremiah Wright went back and saw it many times, for Anti-American inspiration :)

    We're still in Germany, Japan and South Korea, not to mention, Italy, Greece, and many other "safe" places around the world. In the same spirit I hope that after we win this unfortunate war against the Islamist extremists, Americans get invited to stay in a peaceful, safe, democratic Iraq for ever, like they did in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the rest of the relatively "better" Arab countries in the neighborhood.

    That's what McCain said, and that's what he repeatedly clarified it to have meant. However, those who are against him desperately distort his words to make him look bad. But, who in his right mind can look as bad as Rev Jeremiah Wright? Why did Obama choose HIM as a spiritual advisor and mentor? What hides behind all of Obama's melliflows words and professionally pre-packaged speeches to his naive listeners? At least McCain is an open book, what you see is what you get!
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