Our Next Commander-in-Chief?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lindq, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Yep, it's her.
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  2. I wonder where the rest of these pictures are??? If there are some old photos out there of her early modeling days this could get real interesting. Let us pray.
  3. Who cut off the rest of the photo?
  4. cuz69


    I have it and I am not sharing............:D
  5. Arnie


    Looks like she's a Vikings fan.....


  6. LMAO

    you gotta get that to CNN !
  7. Honey will you fetch my snow shoes and fur vest heat me up a nice fat mooseburger with seal blubbber and grab me a brewsky before the Idiorad begins? Wow you sure look presidential in that red white & blue apron
  8. Republican back to their roots party. Wheres Fred and Barney?

  9. ready to lead......rofl

  10. She was the best pick of the bunch to shore up the conservative end and draw in other voters.

    She&hubby union members
    5 kids
    Soccer Mom
    Youngest has Down's syndrome
    Not wealthy
    Pro Life
    Former basketball star
    PTA member
    Smalltown girl
    Oldest son going over to Iraq as Army enlistee
    Good speaker
    Energy knowledgeable
    High (80%) approval rating by those she serves
    Etc. Etc.
    Appeals tot snubbed Hilary supporters

    What did the other VP candidates offer? She has about as much experience as Obama.
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