Our National Debt is Nearly 100% of Our GDP: My, How You've Grown

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  1. the "Interest Bearing Debt to GDP chart" is bullshit. Are we talking about national debt, debt including all states and municipalities, the problem is we don't know and this information should have been clearly listed on the chart.
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    one funny point though,

    in 1929 the debt was roughly 250% of the GDP, in 2009 it is roughly 350%.
    Vrs this, roughly 33% increase from 250 to 350, however, the size of the GDP is several times more than it was in 1929. So matters are more managible this time around?

    Ask some economist though, I was just making a point, and might even be a stupid and dangerous point, but when we are talking Trillions at a time then mind goes into oblivion anyways. :D
  3. You can thank idiot Ronal Reagan for all that(faults of W are recent history and are not mentioned). Instead of waiting for the Soviet Union to collapse on its own (which was inevitable anyway) Reagan decided to cut taxes and increase spending. The result is the tripling of the national debt. You can't have an empire on the cheap. Taxes should have never been cut so deeply so fast. What should have happened was a slow and systematic decrease of taxes coupled with the decay of soviet union. Balancing the budget should have been a top priority and it was not.
  4. is there any point for usd treasuries cds
    i mean do they pay you in a fixed amount of gold or guns and ammo or something
  5. I don't see how the 'official' national debt does not rise to at least 14 trillion by 2012.

    Of course, anyone who has paid any attention to what David M. Walker has been saying, both now and before retiring as he chief comptroller of the United States Government, knows that the real national debt is closer to 60 trillion USD.