Our Energy Mess

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    Obama's Big Failure

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  2. So... would it be worth it to have gasoline at $5-$6/gal for a year or so to assure that assclown doesn't get reelected? We really NEED something like this, as American voters on average are really greedy and naive.

    I say, HELL YES!
  3. Yannis


    Maybe the best realistic way is for the House to pass pro-energy legislation, eg, ANWR, shale oil and ocean drilling permits, etc. Then, challenge the Senate and Obama to stop them. That would make a very good and clear introduction and voter education for the 2012 elections...
  4. Mostly it seems the focus in the news is on the individual effect of the price of gas.

    These high prices have a heck of an effect on school transportation and commerical operations.

    I just paid $3.94 a gallon for heating oil. People can broke and not drive at these rates.

    On the flip side, I think a "shortage" would be worse than high prices, till then people are just going to bitch and nothing else.
  5. Ricter


    There would be a "equal but opposite" guy to this one, (representing the public, btw) criticising Obama if he hadn't made a gesture like the moratorium.

    What happened in 2008, Obama again?
  6. Sorry to interupt this fantasy, but WE ALREADY DID HAVE IT in 2008 and guess what happened?

    Yeah, you guessed it, we got the "hope and change" campaign, so I fail to see how $6 per gallon gas will change a damn thing.
  7. Well, every day, week, month more and more people literally "fall off the map" due to unemployment and rising inflation. Since the states (many states, not all) are in such financial distress, it's simply a matter of time before the public sector gets the axe in a meaningful way.

    Want to venture a guess why, during the depths of the financial crisis, spending didn't completely fall apart. Hint: it was those gravy train pensions and jobs that have zero sensitivity to the economic environment that supports them.

    That will change and then we will really have a good look at how inflation affects consumer spending habits. By then, we'll probably have 80 million on food stamps.
  8. Ricter


    Rising inflation, eh? How bad is it?
  9. Lucrum


    Checked fuel prices lately? You work in the global warming oil industry for crying out loud, you should know this.
  10. pspr


    It's not just oil and gas prices going up (which the Saudis say may hit $200-$300 if the turmoil spreads to them). It's also commodity staples, food, and, according to the Walmart CEO, retail price increases coming down the line.
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