Our Economy Is Sinking Because Of Obama's Polices

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    By Peter Morici
    ......Central bank policy can help dampen inflation when the economy overheats and lift borrowing and home sales a bit when it falters, but it can’t instigate faster growth when the President and Congress fail to address structural problems.

    Demand for US products is burdened by huge trade deficits on oil and consumer goods with China. Both result from government inaction.

    President Obama has significantly curtailed production of oil offshore and in Alaska, and refused calls from economists across the ideological spectrum to force China to stop manipulating its currency. Together, reversing those actions would create at least five million jobs.

    Now conditions in Europe threaten to pull down an economic recovery, made needlessly fragile by policy missteps beyond the purview of the Federal Reserve.

    Lacking better policies from the Oval Office, there is little the Federal Reserve can do.

  2. It's all those conservatives faults , they just won't buy anything cause they know it will make obama look like a sock monkey.

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