our dollar has no value!

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  1. bat1


    seems like nobody cares about the greenback anymore
    So we work for useless money there's nothing
    to back it up...we owe everyone else....in the world
    if they called our bonds we could not even pay them!!

    better buy a gun and rations soon

    and gold!
  2. before you kill yourself.....have a look at the covers of Future Mag from 92 and 95.
  3. Humpy


    The dollar doesn't even make good Loo paper - too small.

    No wonder Benny Bernanke looks scared.
    Bush just hasn't got the intelligence to even understand all the problems. Let alone solve them. Coming to think of it he made most of them himself
  4. I've wiped my ass many times with the "sound pound." I still have bank and trading account in Europe funded at .88 cents.

    I remember a Cabbie in London after seeing me with Dollars offering me at 25% discount on my fare. I remember shopping in Paris when the Franc was 10:1 USD.

    Trade the cycle...reduce the nationalizism because if you trade long enough you see it all and it will come full circle.
  5. Shh...if the man wants to kill himself, who are you to interfere? :)
  6. LOL
    Did you just realize the value, or the trend? you had plenty of time to hedge yourself and then some!
    A few ideas that have been working for me to cover the idea of higher metals and energies prices, some pay very nice dividends per the trusts


    and many others Canadian plays that benifit from the US $$ going lower
    to make $$ on that as well as the stocks themselves.

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  7. Thank you.
  8. Humpy


    Was that before or after WW11.

    P.S. you spell it n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-i-s-m

    P.P.S. better go easy on the vodka or whatever Doc Zhivago


    I wouldn't give up on USD just yet, I see a bounce and possible reversal vs Yen.
  10. amylase


    Either I am blind or you are looking at a different chart
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