Our "Dear Leader" creating jobs - in Brazil

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lucrum, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Obama and his gang are the most corrupt group ever to control the Presidency.

    This article also explains why Obama made those statements and gave billions a year or two ago for that Brazilian oil company.

    We can't afford 4 more years of Obama. He is destroying our country.
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    And yet BO still has fervent supporters. Go figure.
  4. The ever increasing parasite class which dems hope they can bring to critical mass.
  5. Because LOTS of people are STUPID AND GREEDY. Only question... are then enough of them to reelect? In spite of all the damage he's done, I'm getting the uncomfortable feeling that there are..

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    Soros? Oh great.

    There has got to be something illegal about this guy interferring with our economic and political processes.

    The Obama regime lately seems to have dropped any attempt to hide its corrupt activities. They've gotten really bold.
  7. I still remember some guy named Ross Perot talking about a "giant sucking sound" as American jobs went to Mexico and overseas.

    Seems like such a long time ago.... :(
  8. He's Soros' boy from day 1. Soros does want to destroy the country. When I see Obama in action I'm reminded of Chavez, Castro even.. They cannot find their asses with both hands, their policies are the equivalent of a locust invasion.. and they never "change"... I'm just used to it, sort of hunkering down until maybe our prayers are answered and we get some real leadership...
  9. Oh come on, don't go making the foaming at the mouth rabid righty Obama haters to actually consider all the facts involved! It will stop them from jumping to preordained conclusions and clutter their heads with lot's of extra words.

    Now they're gonna have to go watch some Fox News for some reassuring rhetoric to prove to themselves they're not confused.

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