Our corrupt moronic "leader"

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  1. "...I'm deeply shocked by worldcom (pronouncing it like he's never heard of it before)....we're going to hold people accountable....there will be a full investigation..." YADA YADA YADA

    I'm just waiting for a reporter to ask him where he's been hiding Dick from the whole enron investigation. What a complete and total clown W has proven himself to be, just like we all expected....

    He's really big on the whole "we're going to hold so-and-so accountable for blah blah blah..." speech....too bad he won't apply the same standards to himself or his political allies...

    I guess it's true that any idiot can fool most of the people all of the time. Look at the whole brokerage industry...LOL :D

    Also, why hide Dick from the whole investigation? Let's send Dick's fat ass out to afghanistan with an M-16 and a fanny pack full of ho-ho's. Let him earn his paycheck.
  2. The President is an honorable man. I'd stake my life on it. The real corrupt 'leader' had his groupies trash the white house when he left it.

    He was the one who was running the show when all these smoke an mirror schemes were hatched.
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    Well put and the truth Chasinfla
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    but at least billy knows what cigars are REALLY made for ...

  5. You know, you might not be such a bad fellow after all.......
  6. Gotta side with Bung on this one.

    I don't believe there's anything honorable about politicians, regardless of what office they hold.
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    There is really nothing Bush can do about it at least not much. Where was the sec when all of the crooks were doing their dirty deeds? Oh they collecting fees and trying to look good. Now that the shit has hit the fan they are launching a few investigations just to try to save face. But they are still in the big boys back pockets.
  8. Aren't you getting tired of W bullshitting you about everything?? At least when Bill told a lie, there was always some element of doubt - at least for a while, anyway. Maybe W isn't clever enough to pull it off....clinton never had a problem with cleverness. Personally, I like bright people running the show, and no, I've never liked dumb rich kids.

    My take is that the whole Cheney + enron thing is really just a metaphor for the whole administration - that whole "we're better than everyone else so we don't have to do anything we don't want to do" attitude. "I'm better than you so it's ok that I'm a drunk driver and a cokehead because my dad can protect me."

    It's difficult for me to accept imcompetence. You have a guy who was completely unqualified to do the job - and he's proven that - so frankly, I just wish he'd go hide underground like dick and stop bothering us with his empty promises.
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    bung, well said man. i just cant take it how all this talk out there is just feeding our heads that hey we must do this and that, corporations need to respect shareholders, blah blah blah, i mean even puttin has to be laughing at this crap, see he at least seems kinda cool, keep your head down and low and speak when its warranted, but W just keeps blowing air out of his ass, that kinda shit just drives me nukin futs!!!
  10. bung, keep an your eyes and mind open. I think you're gonna be surprised by this one. This is one of the great teams...once in a century material.

    One doesn't need to be a genius to be a leader. But it helps to have a backbone.
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