Our budget is broken: Clinton

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    I have never thought much of Clinton due to the biggest bubble under his presidency, the dot com bubble. But now, he is talking sense. Very impressive response indeed. Why could not Bush and Obama talk economics with the same sense.

    But even though he makes a good speech, he is not giving any concrete ways out of the mess other than asking banks to make more loans.

    Open for discussion.
  2. I rather hear him speaking on how to peddle federal jobs in exchange for favors.
  3. We need him back, congress needs to pass law so he can run. I never voted for him, but I would stand in line this time.

    Rennick Roosevelt out:cool:
  4. Clinton said banks should lend money to weatherstrip buildings. The building owners will save money on energy and use those funds to pay back the loan. Meanhwhile Jose will have a job insulating a building. I'll bet Trump can't wait for this initiative.
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    I'd take Clinton back with Gingrich and a Republican controlled congress.
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  7. as an added bonus "blowjob" would come back in the media again.
  8. Try to remember the debate of W. vs. Gore. Replay it if you have it. America's economy was great, and Gore understood it would be lost with W That is probably why you have heard his sighs--- may he was struck by Clinton's intelligence vs. what he saw in W. A decade later, average Joe is seeing what Gore saw then?

    The idiots took the economic success for granted, and voted for a guy they said they felt they could take a beer with.

    Do you like beer Mr. Rennick? It more important to have the money to buy it than to find a guy to drink it with!
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    Clinton is only good for telling lies and Monica Lewinsky stories. And maybe for going along with a Republican Congress as much as he did.
  10. Were the economic numbers also lies? 8 years later, and there are still people who not understand it even in hindsight.
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