OUCH! As a neighborhood postman, I am hurt...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Martinghoul, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. They can't even save themselves through massive layoffs. From the link you cited:

    "Last week the post office said it planned to offer early retirement to 150,000 workers and is eliminating 1,400 management positions..."

    More unemployed in America.
  2. Yeah, a drastic drop in mail hurts. But for those who don't know, the unions got a big hold on the USPS too. As the saying goes, " I sure wish I could get me a gummint job". Ever wonder why the mail carriers never seem to change. Damn good pay, excellent benefits, and the option to dump the busiest days on the substitute or part-time carrier, who happens to be working for half the pay and no benefits. And what the fuck is so bad about mail 5 days a week? I say make it 4, Mon Wed Fri Sat. Nothing but junk coming anyways. And let the full time people work 4 10's to get their 40. That would make the USPS profitable. Nah, sounds too sensible.
  3. +1

    9 out of the last 11 days all I have received is junk mail.
  4. That is because junk mail is subsidized. (pre sort mail)

    So in essence you are paying for junk mail. And it ends up in garbage at the end.

    Stupidity all over America these days.
  5. Seems like our junk mail has dropped off lately.

    And we stopped getting the local grocery and drug store ads about a month ago. We live in a rural area where the mailboxes are all together. I peeked in a few neighbors boxes and they don't get them either.
  6. The Post Office won't cooperate much in stopping junk mail. It has to be a union thing. Personally I was thinking they could deliver mail once a week and it would be fine.
  7. I put junk mail direct into my recycle bin (not on computer), not garbage can, cause most of juckmail are printed with recyclable paper/material.