OtherNet IRC - is it coming back - alternatives?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by maxm, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. maxm


    For those folks who were hanging out on various OtherNet IRC trading channels, anyone know whats up with it? Technical glitch, admin hit by the bus?

    Its just not fun to trade when you can't brag about winners or lament about how it reversed the second you stopped out.

    I suggest that folks from various channels looking to reconnect, congregate on #othernet-exiles on irc.freenode.net until OtherNet comes back, or to discuss other options.

    /me sells half NG @ 3.35 +0.13
  2. maxm


    One remaining Othernet server that still works is port 6667

    You need to use IP as nameservers are down.

    Also it looks like the surviving channels are congregating on irc.financialchat.com with the same channel names
  3. doctoroe


    Some trading rooms have migrated to the financialchat server, but financialchat is
    slow about approving new rooms.
    DAL.net is running and does allow new rooms. FYI

    Sure would like to know what happened to othernet.
  4. wrbtrader


    The Othernet server was the "slowest" server on IRC with too many connection issues especially for traders outside of North America...even the Financialchat server is slow.

    Yet, both had a monopoly on the trading rooms because they promoted themselves exclusively to the financial markets. In contrast, more suitable IRC networks have better connections, better support, better script help, dozens more servers especially if you're outside of North America.

    Also, "most" of the Othernet chat rooms have moved to other IRC networks after the Othernet collapse. Bad support by the Othernet because they didn't even bother contacting chat room operators even though they know everyone's email address that's registered on the Othernet...leaving chat room owners and registered members in the dark.

    I know for sure that at least three individuals were managing the Othernet website and servers...someone unusual (weird) must of happen for all three of them not making any effort to contact the users (chat room owners and registered members).

    Regardless, something was going on early November 2012 because I started to see a few of the chat rooms on the Othernet move to different IRC networks. Further, they did not move to the Financialchat server. Thus, I wonder if some of the chat room owners heard a whisper back in November that the Othernet would be shutting down forever or offline for an unspecified duration.

    Is it possible that IRC (although its just a protocol) itself BANNED the Othernet (shut them down) or the Othernet psssst off one smart hacker ???

    Top 10 IRC Networks @ http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/top10.php and I don't know how many trader chat rooms are on any individual network.
  5. maxm


    I had talked to FreeNode stuff, and they have no problem with having trading chatrooms, as long as there are usual rules about no warez/porn/etc, and channel name policy of using ##word if word is trademarked.

    Problem is I'm not the owner of my channel, and the owner is a bit of a non-technical person, so its hard to convince him to move now that we barely got everyone together on financialchat.net, or even explain the concept of "network".

    My concern is more of a running on 1 man shop box, with owner also being in the industry, being involved early with irc and ircd, I just know how easy it would be to add a patch to scan all messages through regexp filters, providing very valuable info.