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  1. Here is something people might find useful. What other web sites do you read? Discussion groups, news groups, financial web sites, on-line news papers, magazines, etc. etc. What other resources on the net help you trade, or become a better trader?

    Here are my links:

    www.siliconinvestor.com, especially the following threads:
    DAYTRADING Fundamentals:

    The Final Frontier - Online Remote Trading:

    The Final Frontier was the first discussion board about daytrading I found. TFF (who posts here as cdntrader) started it in September of 97. This thread introduced me to daytrading (thanks cdntrader :) )



    Wall Street and Technology

    Futures Magazine

  2. I always check out LBR's chart page in the morning. Some days there's not much there. Some days there's a lot. I always find her insight helpful. I also check briefing.com. for news and numbers.
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  4. futuresmag.com is the most useless related to trading ive seen INAWHILE. Shame on them. It's too obvious they just want you to buy the damn hard copy and website is there just cuz they're supposed to have something/anything on there.
  5. One I had started following in the mornings last week is www.aitradesystems.com

    They do free selection and so far have produced some nice trade setups.

    I mentioned it on another tread last week but have just been impressed with them lately.:cool:
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    i find useful swingtrading site trading-ideas.com , its free and have many ideas everymorning.
    also for TA picks sixer.com
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