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    Is there a warren buffet type person that is the legend of shorting stocks besides Templeton who shorted all of the Tech stocks? Do you think shorting WBMD (webmd.com) is a good play? They have a p/e ratio in the 350s. At its core, this business is just a website. Anyone could create a website like it although it has a lot of content. Pla (playboy) gets 100000000x more visitors through its websites than wbmd. I look at selling short in the long run. Thanks a lot.
  2. I think they provide medical information services to companies and their employees as well.

    You need to do your research.

    Is Google just a website :D
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    google is more than a website. They own the internet. Anyone who tries to monitize their websites uses google ads. Who knows. I just feel like owning shares of WBMD would be risky.
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    any other opinions?
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    timmay! sykes :D
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    I haven't done any current research but Healtheon and WebMD were together and WebMD gained from Healtheon's medical information services integrator business. I think WebMD may have been spunoff. If thats the case, yes it is a website, but it is the number one destination on the internet for medical information for the consumer.

    Can they successfully monetize it, who knows. Lots of better ideas out on the short and long side.