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  1. To get to the point . .

    I'm looking for ET's competition. . . I was looking on TradingBlox, but it doesn't seem to be to active. I did a google search but didn't come up with anything. Same with the search function here. . . I guess I don't know what to search for.

    Any help with the addresses to those other boards will be greatly appreciated.
  2. BSAM


    This is like walking into Red Lobster and asking if they could recommend a good seafood place.
  3. Good seafood places are easier to find.:D
  4. Only if you ask Baron or a mod :D I sometimes visit trade2win.com. Less activity, but less flaming and cyber warriors too :)
  5. I like the seafood here! I'm a regular. . . I really like the early bird special (see posts) . . but see I'd like to try something new . .

    Thanks guys . . if this gets closed.
  6. Off the top of my head...there are about 15 discussion forums (active) but just not as big as ET.

    They are all in google search and it sounds like your looking for something specific to meet your needs if your only able to find a few.

    Try using ET own search function because some of these forums have been mentioned at ET in the recent past.

    Other than that...what specifically are you looking for in a forum???


  7. On the ET search I tried "popular websites" and "popular boards" but I didn't come up with anything. Any suggestions?

    I was looking for maybe a little more programming stuff . . specifically C++ . . .

    Not that I'm not happy with the service and food here . . .
  8. mrmarketishuge.com. Check out the POTW results.
  9. The securities industry is notoriously secretive...
    And no one is gonna tell you exactly what they really do... and how to do it.

    Most successful traders have better things to do...
    Then hang out on boards where "paper traders" are taken seriously.

    Here... one can find countless threads with 10+ posts...
    That do not include a tiniest morsel of worthwhile info.

    In contrast...
    The poker equivalent to ET is 2+2 Forums...
    Where many serious poker players and math genius types... post very valuable information.

    2+2 maintains a very respectable intellectual level...
    Primarily because the mods do not allows "play money" players to take over...
    And idiots are put in their place without delay.
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