Other software than uses EasyLanguage?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Stok, May 11, 2011.

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    I designed some code in Easylanguage with Tradestation awhile ago and would like to run some other tests....but instead of subscribing back to TS and the expense, is there other..less expensive or free software packages that can deal with easylanguage and has the historical data? Basically, I don't need live data and pay those fees every month.
  2. I believe Multicharts does. I have also heard but I don't know if it is true that the Multicharts people designed TS.
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    tradesignal (http://terminal.tradesignalonline.com/) uses easylanguage (they call it equilla, but actually it's easylanguage with only minor differences). I don't know what tradestation charges, tradesignal is 60 eur (~ 85 usd) per month. this includes some delayed data, realtime data costs extra, i.e. for NYSE about 5 usd per month.
  4. Multicharts does accept most of EasyLanguages format. There are a few minor differences. But all of my EasyLanguage strategies run without a problem in MultiCharts. :D
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    Great. I'll look into....does multicharts do the "look inside bar" feature? And how far does their intraday data go back (looking at ES and ZN)?
  6. MultiCharts to my knowledge doesn’t use ‘look inside bar’ processing. MultiCharts does have a Bar Magnifer feature. But I am not sure they are the same.

    MultiCharts is not a data provider. You have to use another data source. The data I use is provided by IB through their API to MultiCharts.

  7. I was wrong. I tested Multicharts using:

    [IntrabarOrderGeneration = true]

    and it worked great intrabar.

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    Thanks, but isn't IB's data not extensive?